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"I knew that cat was trouble. Come on, were going home."


"I knew that cat was trouble. Come on, were going home."

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catsbeaversandducks:My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

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I think I’ve reblogged this before bUT I DONT CARE ITS SO CUTE

a good cat supervises their human during their outings in the wilderness

This could turn into a disney movie, and I want it


This Is a Photograph of Me
Margaret Atwood, 1939

It was taken some time ago.
At first it seems to be
a smeared
print: blurred lines and grey flecks
blended with the paper;

then, as you scan
it, you see in the left-hand corner
a thing that is like a branch: part of a tree
(balsam or spruce) emerging
and, to the right, halfway up
what ought to be a gentle
slope, a small frame house.

In the background there is a lake,
and beyond that, some low hills.

(The photograph was taken
the day after I drowned.

I am in the lake, in the center
of the picture, just under the surface.

It is difficult to say where
precisely, or to say
how large or small I am:
the effect of water
on light is a distortion

but if you look long enough,
you will be able to see me.)

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Haters Gonna Hate: In Defense of Taylor Swift’s music video for “Shake it Off” directed by Mark Romanek

On Monday, Taylor Swift dropped her latest video for her single,”Shake It Off” (off her upcoming album 1989). The video features Swift in fish-out-of-water scenarios, mainly that of various forms of dance teams.

As directed by Mark Romanek (who also directed this and this and this), this deceptively simple yet strikingly visual music video is at once an homage to all forms of dance and movement, as well as a deconstruction of pop music video cliches. You can read a NY Times Dance Critic’s thoughts here

I thought I would extrapolate further on the visual imagery of the video a bit since Swift’s video is kind of masterpiece because it is a lot of things: it deconstructs a lot of the cliches of other music videos in pop culture, it is a celebration of many forms of dance and movement, it highlights Swift’s transformation from country to full blown pop without losing her awkwardness (she’s still only like 23), and the ending of the video, which I think is really quite beautiful, places a diverse (people of color, body types) group of people into the frame and lets everyone shake it off ie. let go of the negativity that pollutes our society.

imageSwift does not fit into Martha Graham movement pieces (take notice of the diverse group of dancers poised triumphantly on a level above Swift).

imageSwift is no Lady Gaga (but is Lady Gaga even Lady Gaga anymore?). 

imageSwift does not fit into ballet (notice the graceful dancers while Swift in the center strikes a playfully clumsy pose).

imageSwift is no Toni Basil-esque cheerleader (this shot shows Swift being launched into the air but it doesn’t cut to her falling, tracking her ascent into pop stardom).

imageThe end of the video contains portrait shots of all types of human beings shaking it off, including people of color and people with various body types. It’s a celebration of what makes us different and human rather than ignoring them or exploiting them. 

imageIndeed, the message of the music video is that the haters are gonna hate, but you just have to keep moving, keep progressing, shaking off those negative messages and images in order to advance as a community, as a culture.

imagePlus the music is infectiously poppy and fun. 

There’s plenty of other racist things in the media to call out but Taylor Swift is actually trying to promote a positive message, a sense of harmony, and here is actually a white pop artist putting people of color at the front and center and giving them a spotlight to shake the kinds of negative messages off that artists like Earl Sweatshirt is trying to do. I think if Earl Sweatshirt actually watched Swift’s video, he would see this, rather than irresponsibly calling Swift’s video racist without actually engaging with it.

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Cat Obsessively Taps At Anything Made Out of Paper

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

Best 2.5 minutes of a cat ever

totally worth it. watch this you wont regret it. :3

wow the sequel to As Good As It Gets looks amazing!!!!

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Suicide Note by Janice Mirikitani

How many notes written … 
ink smeared like birdprints in snow.
not good enough not pretty enough not smart enough 
dear mother and father. 
I apologize 
for disappointing you. 
I’ve worked very hard, 
not good enough 
harder, perhaps to please you. 
If only I were a son, shoulders broad 
as the sunset threading through pine, 
I would see the light in my mother’s 
eyes, or the golden pride reflected 
in my father’s dream 
of my wide, male hands worthy of work 
and comfort. 
I would swagger through life 
muscled and bold and assured, 
drawing praises to me 
like currents in the bed of wind, virile 
with confidence. 
not good enough not strong enough not good enough

I apologize. 
Tasks do not come easily. 
Each failure, a glacier. 
Each disapproval, a bootprint. 
Each disappointment, 
ice above my river. 
So I have worked hard. 
not good enough. 
My sacrifice I will drop 
bone by bone, perched 
on the ledge of my womanhood, 
fragile as wings. 
not strong enough 
It is snowing steadily 
surely not good weather 
for flying - this sparrow 
sillied and dizzied by the wind 
on the edge. 
not smart enough. 
I make this ledge my altar 
to offer penance. 
This air will not hold me, 
the snow burdens my crippled wings, 
my tears drop like bitter cloth 
softly into the gutter below. 
not good enough not strong enough not smart enough

Choices thin as shaved 
ice. Notes shredded 
drift like snow 
on my broken body, 
covers me like whispers 
of sorries. 
Perhaps when they find me 
they will bury 
my bird bones beneath 
a sturdy pine 

and scatter my feathers like 

unspoken song 

over this white and cold and silent 

breast of earth.

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Children Read To Shelter Cats To Soothe Them

(Photos by Animal Rescue League Of Berks County. You can follow them on Facebook.)

Also good for the kids. They encourage having slow readers read to the family pets. A dog will listen to a kid read a whole book one damn sssyl-la——-ble at a time, and it will never get frustrated, or correct their pronunciation, or start playing Angry Bird because it can’t stand listening to the slowness any more. The dog will look at the kid approvingly, because, human. Human is talking. Human is interacting.

So this is a great win-win.

Something positive. Must stay positive. 

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